With the rising cost of energy and fuel, there has never been a better time to install a geothermal system. Geothermal energy is a smart, cost efficient way to heat and cool your home. Now through 2016, the federal government is offering a 30% tax credit on your geothermal system.

Installation of a Horizontal Geothermal Loop

Installation of a Horizontal Geothermal Loop


The biggest and most important advantage is the savings.  A geothermal system can save half the cost of heating and cooling in the average home. Depending on your current system, your savings could be much more!  With this kind of savings, along with the current 30% tax credit, your geothermal can pay for itself much sooner than you might imagine. Call North Star Plumbing and Heating to see what we can do for you.


Geothermal is a reliable and dependable way to heat and cool your home or business.  With a limited number of moving parts, our geothermal systems have less wear and a long life expectancy.  State of the art control features make it easy to diagnose problems and service. We take pride in our service and diligently work to make heating and cooling your home as worry free as possible.

The energy savings combined with the tax credit make it easier than ever to install a new geothermal system with North Star Plumbing.  Don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade your home and save money year after year!

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Depending on your individual home, there are multiple installation configurations.  The two most effective and utilized are a Horizontal Geothermal Loop and a Vertical Geothermal Loop.  Installing a Horizontal Loop is ideal for new home construction and is more cost-effective if space is available.

A Vertical Loop is used on tighter home lots or when minimal lawn disturbance is desired.

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