Agriculture: Ritchie

Call North Star Plumbing for all your agricultural building needs. We are experienced in all plumbing and heating needs of agricultural buildings, including milking parlors, hog and chicken buildings, as well as larger agricultural water needs. From pumps to larger commercial water heaters and iron filters, North Star Plumbing has you covered. We also sell a wide variety of Ritchie automatic waterers.






Radiant Heating Systems:Vantage II

If you are looking to heat a large work area, such as a workshop, we can help.
A radiant heating system is considered to be the most comfortable heat source for your building. A radiant heat system is an infrared heating system that hangs from the ceiling and radiates heat down. This heats up the concrete or floor and makes for a very comfortable environment. A radiant heat system can be an efficient, practical way to heat any large area. Radiant heat system are often used in commercial settings.  We’ve installed radiant heat systems in buildings larger than 150,000 sq/ft., and we also use this system in our own shop.  We find it to be a comfortable, hassle-free heat source.


Hang-Type Heaters:REZUDAP-2

For smaller applications, such as a garage or small workshop a hang type, Reznor brand heater is for you. These hang type heaters are a smart way to quickly heat your garage or work space. These heaters can be installed quickly and for a great price. Call today for more information or a free quote.

Ritchie Waterers:

Ritchie is the industry leader in automatic waters. We offer a wide variety of waters to meet your farm’s need. Stop in and see our showroom and find the Ritchie water fountain that is right for you.